Who Is Fluent Conveyors?

Fluent Conveyors is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing of conveyors. With a rapidly growing dealer network, Fluent Conveyors only allows dealers that align with the vision and goals of the company.

Why Fluent Conveyors

Gain A Valuable Relationship

Allow our team to become a trusted and valuable extension of your company. The better you do, the better we do. It’s just that simple.

Our Leads Are Your Leads


Optimize Your Systems

Our goal is not to just be a provider of conveyors. We want to help your business adapt, grow and make smart business decisions that align with your growth and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Fluent Conveyors allow more than one dealer in a territory?

    Fluent Conveyors, Inc reviews all applications to ensure that each geographic area is covered correctly. In some instances there may be slight overlap in a defined territory to ensure that there is proper alignment with serving the local customer. 99.9% of the time we do our best to protect the defined dealer in their territory.

  • How long does it take to become an authorized Fluent Conveyors Dealer?

    Becoming a Fluent Conveyors dealer takes typically about a week depending on the workload of the territory account management rep, the products the applying dealer is looking to sell etc. There is a 4 step process that our team reviews to ensure that each dealer that is selected has the correct level of customer service and the proper team to serve the local customer correctly.

  • Does Fluent Conveyors have quotas or requirements to become a dealer?

    Fluent Conveyors does not have a defined quote per territory at this time; however, based on geographic location, there are data metrics we want our dealers to strive for in order to collectively as as team place more equipment in the dealers territory. Fluent Conveyors works hard to not only grow our business, but grow the dealers business together.

  • What products does Fluent Conveyors offer?

    Currently Fluent Conveyors has engineered and manufactured roller chain belt conveyors, slider bed conveyors, package handling conveyors, sorting systems, metering wheels, live bottom bins and has future goals to enter new segments of the conveyor industry: agriculture, winter sports, mining and more.

Build A Better Customer Experience

Our focus is to ensure that our core processes are delivering high level customer experience metrics.