How do I properly track my slider bed conveyor?

1) Make sure the belt is tracking straight. There should not be one side of the belt ever touching on one side of the conveyor frame. Minimal belt sway from side to side is acceptable but it must not be enough for the belt to touch either side of the conveyor frame.2) If your slider bed conveyor is equipped with a return roller start tracking at STEP 6 below.3) If the belt cannot be tracked sufficiently with the return roller adjustments, or if your conveyor is not equipped with a return roller, then you will have to steer the belt at the tail pulley. (a) Turn off conveyor/ disconnect power (b) Remove guards (c) Now standing at the tail looking towards the head of the conveyor use the take up adjustments to steer the tail pulley like your bike handlebars. Looking from the tail towards the head you can turn it right to move the belt to the right and left to move the belt to the left. (d) Adjust the take up in small increments and wait for two revolutions of the belt before making further adjustments. Once the belt is tracking straight and down the middle of the conveyor then lock down the take up adjustments and replace the safety guarding. (e) Reinstall guarding (f) Connect the power and turn the conveyor on (g) Check the alignment of the belt. Make sure the belting is tracking consistently. (h) If the belt is still not tracking correctly, repeat until the belt is tracking correctly.DO NOT RUN THE CONVEYOR WHEN GUARDING IS REMOVED. 6) Use the return roller adjustment (if your conveyor has an included return roller. See overall conveyor spec above) bolt on the side of the conveyor to adjust the angle of the return roller. To align the belt “steer” it from side to side by adjusting the return roller angle.7) Change the angle to “steer” the belt just as you would with bicycle handle bars. Look from the head towards the tail. If the belt needs to shift to the right adjust the roller as you would your handle bars to steer your bike to the right. Do the same if it needs to move to the left. Be sure to adjust this in small increments and make sure the belt has gone through two full rotations before adjusting it further. 8) Continue adjusting the return roller until the belt will stay in the middle of the conveyor. Tighten the jam nuts so the pulley will not move.

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