Paper Recycling

Convey your mill broke paper scrap, pre-consumer waste, and post-consumer waste.

Market Overview

As the world continues to digital sources for information the newspaper and printing industries have declined. Despite this paper is still a large part of waste streams and paper is a big part of the recycling world. Recycled paper is used to make things like new paper, toilet paper, insulation and more.

Market Challenges

Paper is valued based on the type of paper and cleanliness of the product. Dirty paper, or paper mixed with other types of paper is not as valuable to paper mills and manufacturers using recycled paper. Keeping the different types of paper separate can be a challenge especially if it has been mixed together like is common in single stream recycling. Paper from post consumer sources and single stream can often have contamination from other types of material as well as dirt and liquid. All these things can reduce the value of paper.

Market Compliancy

The most common classifications for recycled paper is high grade, news / ONP, and mixed paper. It is important to keep high grade and newspaper from mixing with other types of paper because they hold a higher value. If too much of another type of paper are mixed in with high grade or news all the material will be downgraded to mixed paper which is less valuable. Contaminants like dirt and trash liquids can also soak into newspaper causing the value to be reduced or even rejection of an entire load. Paper coming out of single stream sorting facilities often will have a lower value because there is a higher possibility for contamination from other products mixed with the paper before it was sorted.

Fluent Conveyors Solutions

The best way to keep each paper stream clean is to keep it separate. Instead of using one conveyor for multiple types of paper using multiple conveyors can help keep the paper separate and at its highest value. Fluent Conveyors makes a wide range of conveyors like rubber belt slider beds, combination belt roller chains, and steel belt roller chain conveyors to fit every volume and every type of paper. If the paper is already mixed in with other types of recycled material Fluent offers a wide range of sorting systems to help recover the paper from the stream.

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