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Market Overview

Scrap metal is broken into two main types, ferrous and nonferrous. Each then has further classifications.

Types of nonferrous metals include aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and other types. These types of metal are commonly found Nonferrous metals do not lose their chemical and physical property during the recycling process giving the ability to be recycled over and over again.

Types of ferrous metals include Iron and Steel. Ferrous metals usually comes from old or obsolete products that need to be replaced with the biggest source being automobiles.

Market Challenges

Scrap metal is usually a high value material but is susceptible to down markets just like any other recycled commodity. With the usually high value collection and separation of scrap metal of metal is very common. However, when values are down, scrap metal is not always removed from waste stream and can end up at the landfill. Metal is a dense, hard, solid material that can be hard to process and be hard on equipment. This can cause premature wear and damage to the processing equipment.

Market Compliancy

With the high value of metal, metal theft is a common issue in the industry. Operators and law enforcement have taken steps to try and stop this but metal theft still happens. Contamination from other types of metal or other materials can also cause issue resulting in material downgrading or rejection.

Fluent Conveyors Solutions

Fluent Conveyors make heavy duty conveyors specifically designed for the metal recycling industry. Hinge steel belt and Z pan roller chain conveyors can be used to move large and heavy pieces of metal or as infeed for a baler or shredder. Slider beds conveyor can also be used to move processed metal and smaller pieces that do not need the large size and strength of a roller chain conveyor. Fluent Conveyors also offers a wide range of balers and shredders through our dealer channel. Contact us today to get expert advice on solutions for your metal recycling needs.

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