General Replacement Conveyor Pulleys Overview

Fluent Conveyors offers pulleys for almost all conveyors that are customized for the specific conveyor size and application specifications. The diameter of the pulleys varies based on conveyor lengths, widths, angles and material weight requirements.  Fluent offers fully crowned and lagged head pulleys, crowned tail pulleys and winged & spiraled tail pulleys. All pulleys are made of steel rims, hubs and discs that are welded with precision to maximize strength and rotational balance.

**Please note, there may be things not listed that we do offer. Please contact us.

Fluent Replacement Conveyor Pulleys

Replacement Conveyor Pulleys Specifications

    Drive Pulley:
  • Lagged Pulley
  • Crowned Pulley
  • Lagging Pattern
    Chevron, Herringbone
  • Shaft Options
    1-9/16”, 1-10/16”
  • Keyway Options
    Square, Rectangular
  • Tail Pulley:
  • Bushings
    XT Bushings
  • Tail Pulley
    6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
  • Steel Faced
  • Shaft Options
    1-9/16”, 1-10/16”, 1-11/16”, 1-12/16”, 1-13/16”, 1-14/16”, 1-15/16”, 2", 2-1/16", 2-2/16", 2-3/16", 2-4/16", 2-5/16", 2-6/16", 2-7/16", 2-8/16", 2-9/16", 2-10/16", 2-11/16", 2-12/16", 2-13/16", 2-14/16", 2-15/16", 3"
  • Bushings
    XT Bushings
  • Return Idler:
  • Return Idler
    2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”
  • Shaft Options
    Hex Shaft, Round Shaft, Fix Shaft – Pin Retained, Spring Loaded Shaft, Custom
  • Bearing Specs
    ER Bearings

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Engineering & Manufacturing Specifications

Engineering Specs

Fluent Conveyors pulleys are engineered with industry leading 3D CAD.  The manufacturing team has years of combined experience on conveyor pulleys and understand the most complex applications to ensure the correct pulley size is always used. All replacement pulleys engineered closely with the production team to ensure the processes from engineering to manufacturing meets tight tolerances and QA validation.

Manufacturing Specs

Fluent Conveyors pulleys have been tested, validated and approved to meet the quality tolerances our engineering team requires. The production team, paired with a new technology, validated core processes and a great quality assurance process is vital to quality pulleys. Our engineering team ensures all pulley specs meet approval drawings and existing conveyor requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

Fluent Conveyors understands the importance of keeping your conveyor pulleys in great condition. Occasionally do a visual check to ensure the connection point where the pulley is connected to the conveyor is secure. Make sure the pulley is rotating “true” with minimal noise.

If the pulley misaligned or not rotating, please review your maintenance manual or call our engineering team. The typical cause of this is a bushing on the hubs of the pulley need to be inspected and tested.

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