General Conveyor Series Overview

Fluent SS-C Series of custom sorting systems are engineered with industry leading 3D CAD software and manufactured certified welders and precision tooling. Fluent custom recycling sort systems offer a wide variety of options to fit each specific vertical including but not limited to single stream, e-waste, C&D, paper, plastics, tires, aggregate, aluminum, dual stream, MSW and Bio-Fuel.

The SS-C Series features industry leading components which include: belts, pulleys, feed and discharge hoppers, e-stops, pull cords, sprockets, oilers, speed sensors, shafts, safety controls and bearings.

This SS-C Series can be configured as a full integrated system that may include OCC screens, paper screens, trommels, fines screens, bale breakers, optical sorters, controls, bounce belt, ballistic separators, bag openers, walking floors, metering drums, live bottom bins, magnets, eddy currents, glass breakers, safety options, bunkers, push walls, pit plates, custom in-feed and discharge options.

*Fluent Conveyors offers fully integrated and customized material handling facilities for small to medium sized applications up to 40 tons per hour.

Fluent SS-C Series Specifications

  • Pit Option
  • Nose Over Option
  • Horse Power Options
    1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
  • Material Applications
    3-7 Plastic, Aluminum, Automotive Parts, Bagasse, Bio-Waste, Bulk Materials, C&D, Card-Stock, Coal, Concrete, E-Waste, Ferrous, Foam, Forgings, Glass, Hay, HDPE, Iron Ore, LDPE, Light Metals, Medical Waste, Metal Turnings, Mixed Paper, MSW, Non-Ferrous, OCC, OCN, Other, Paperboard, PET, Rubber, Single Stream, Stone, Stover, Textiles, Tires, Tissue Paper, Wood Products
  • Belt Options
    2 Ply Rubber Conveyor Belt, 3 Ply Rubber Conveyor Belt, 4 Ply Rubber Conveyor Belt, 2 Ply PVC Conveyor Belt, 3 Ply PVC Conveyor Belt, 4 Ply PVC Conveyor Belt, Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belt, 1/4" Hinged Steel Pan Conveyor Belt, 3/8" Hinged Steel Pan Conveyor Belt, 1/4" Apron Steel Pan Conveyor Belt, 3/8" Apron Steel Pan Conveyor Belt, 1/4" Z Pan Steel Conveyor Belt, 3/8" Z Pan Steel Conveyor Belt, 1/2" Z Pan Steel Conveyor Belt, Rough Top Conveyor Belt, 3" Cleated Conveyor Belt, 4" Cleated Conveyor Belt, 5" Cleated Conveyor Belt, Custom Conveyor Belts, High Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts
  • Safety Options
    E-Stops, Pull Cords, Dead Man Plate, Personal Safety System
  • Pit Plate Options
    1/2" Pit Plates, 3/8" Pit Plates, Custom Pit Plates
  • Control Options
    Integrated Controls, Custom Controls
  • Depth/Side Wall Options Options
    No Side Walls, 8" Side Walls, 12" Side Walls, 24" Side Walls, 36" Side Walls, Custom Side Walls
  • Miscellaneous Options
    Pit Support Structures, Push Wall, Lower Horizontal Guarding, Rail Guards, Solid Lower Horizontal Decking, Feed Hopper, Variable Speed Drive, Full Side Guarding, Full Bottom Guards, Belt Brush/Wiper
  • Other Paint Color Options
    Fluent Gunmetal Grey, Red, Grey, Tan, Green, Blue, Yellow, Custom

Engineering & Manufacturing Specifications

Engineering Specs

The Fluent SS-C Series of conveyors are engineered with the latest versions of the Solidworks family of engineering tools (CAD, Static & Motion Simulation). The Solidworks tools are paired with an experienced engineering team that has provided some of the industry’s most robust custom sorting solutions. The SS-C Series are engineered closely with the production team to ensure the processes from engineering to manufacturing meets tight tolerances, QA validation and project deadlines.

Manufacturing Specs

The Fluent SS-C Series of conveyor systems have been tested, validated and approved to meet the quality tolerances our engineering team requires. Our production team has over 100 years of combined experience paired with a facility of over 85,000 square feet. The core facility has a paint booth, 40,000 square feet of dedicated assembly, 6 – welding stations, CNC fabrication equipment, 10 – overhead cranes and more

Preventative Maintenance

The Fluent SS-C Series of sorting systems, like all sort systems, requires up-front adjustments and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the system conveyors and conveyor components.

Core Adjustments and Maintenance:

-Belt Tensioning

-Belt Tracking

-Make sure chutes are clear of material

-Visual Inspections

-General removal of debris

-Inspect safety guarding

-Grease bearings

-Change gear case oil

-Maintain proper levels in chain oilers

**If you have additional questions or need help with anything on your conveyor, please visit our help section below or give our engineering team a call.

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