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Do you want to offer your clients the best possible custom conveyor manufacturer?

When you become a Fluent Conveyors dealer, your business will instantly benefit from top-of-the-line machinery designed by one of the premier conveyor companies in the USA. Unlike other conveyor system manufacturers, we craft our machinery with impeccable laser precision and by utilizing the latest technology. The result: flawless custom systems that not only move products with ease but keep your dealership leagues ahead of the rest.

Heavy Duty Roller Chain Belt Conveyors
Fluent Roller Chain Conveyors are specifically designed to move high volume...
Light Duty Roller Chain Conveyors
Fluent Light Duty Roller Chain Conveyors are specifically designed to move...
Slider Bed Conveyors
Fluent Slider Bed Conveyors Are Specifically Designed To Process Lightweigh...
Trough Idler Conveyors
Fluent Trough Idler Conveyors Are Specifically Designed To Process Sand, Gr...
Standard Recycling Sort Systems
Fluent Conveyors Sorting Systems Are Designed For Single Stream, Aluminum,...
Custom Recycling Sort Systems
Fluent Conveyors Custom Sorting Systems Are Designed To Optimize Each Speci...
Custom Conveyors
Fluent Custom Conveyors Are Made To Order & 100% Designed To The Specific C...
Package Handling Conveyors
Fluent Package Handling Conveyors Are Specifically Designed To Convey 1,000...
trusted by global brands

If you need validation for our quality, simply take a glance at brands that have trusted Fluent Conveyors. We have worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet, providing them with top conveyor systems to match their demanding requirements.

Replacement Conveyor Belts & Parts

As well as producing bespoke conveyor systems, we also supply custom replacement belts and parts to ensure no client sees their assembly line stay offline for an extended period of time. From replacement motors to sprockets, everything is covered if a client comes across a failing element of their conveyor system.

Sadly, it’s inevitable your clients will face some type of issue with their conveyor system at some point. Even with Fluent Conveyors’ best equipment in place, conveyors are going to suffer from wear and tear due to their demanding nature. However, being able to offer a solution at any time will be appreciated by your clients.

Replacement Conveyor Motors/Drives
High efficiency, shaft mounted drives offered in right angle,  helical, par...
Replacement Conveyor Pulleys
Pulleys are offered in CEMA duty, mine duty & super duty with multiple bush...
Replacement Conveyor Idlers
Trough Idlers are offered in CEMA rated & mine duty with optional self alig...
Replacement Conveyor Sprockets
Flame cut and hardened sprockets are engineered class sprockets offered in...
Replacement Smooth Top Slider Bed Conveyor Belts
Rubber and PVC 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply smooth top belts with more then 5...
Z Pan Roller Chain Replacement Conveyor Belts
Heavy Duty Tested & Proven 6 Inch, 9 Inch and 12 Inch Pitch Belting Used In...
Replacement Conveyor Bearings
Medium duty, cast iron housed pillow block bearings, 4 bolt flange bearings...
Everything You Need – The Premier Option for Conveyor Solutions

Your search for a manufacturer of conveyors is over. If you desire custom solutions that are built with precision, outperform the competition, and shift bulk material effortlessly, Fluent Conveyors has you covered. We take pride in our reputation as one of the country’s top conveyor companies, and this is reflected in our high-end workmanship and ability to design bespoke material handling systems.

At Fluent Conveyors, we understand every client has unique needs and requirements. This is why we custom-tailor conveyor machinery to solve every possible predicament – big or small. For instance, our Fluent Roller Chain Conveyors can be built from the ground up. This is ideal for clients who require a heavy-duty system that deals with diverse materials and large volumes. In addition, our design engineer specialists can create a conveyor solution to seamlessly fit in with existing systems.

Whether it is slider bed or gravity roller conveyors, our wide range of choices ensures we have the right products for your clients. It’s not simply a case of offering an assortment of items and systems, either. Compared to other conveyor installation companies, our entire product line at Fluent Conveyors outperforms the competition each and every time.

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Become a Fluent Conveyors Dealer Today

If you have reached this far, you will already have an interest in being a dealer for Fluent Conveyors. There’s just one last question you need to answer: Do you want to work with a conveyor manufacturer you can trust?

This is because we have spent a long time building up our reputation. Our dealers are all treated with care and respect, and we go above and beyond to ensure they create their own success stories. The reason for this is simple: when they flourish, Fluent Conveyors does the same.

If you’re ready to start distributing the best equipment and systems the conveyor industry has to offer, apply to become a Fluent Conveyors dealer today. With our use of laser precision to design innovative custom conveyors, we create flawless systems including chain conveyors, powered conveyors, screw conveyors, and assembly line conveyors. This range of systems means we cover a large number of industries – which means you have a greater chance of increasing your overall sales numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where are Fluent Conveyor dealers located?

    Fluent Conveyors dealers cover the entire United States as well as Canada and Mexico. Most of our dealers offer the ability to travel to your location and provide on-site pre-sales support as well as service, spare parts and repairs.

  • What is the typical cost of a conveyor?

    Conveyor pricing has such a large range of costs, it's hard to give an accurate number. Everything we offer is typically customized and made to order for each specific customer. A general range would be from $15,000 up to $300,000+ per conveyor, depending on the model, size, belt type etc. If you have a specific question about our conveyors, that are not answered on our website (such as food grade conveyors etc.), please contact us directly.

  • Who provides on-site conveyor installation and support?

    Fluent Conveyors provides on-site installation and support through Fluent's robust and highly skilled dealer network. This is a very important part of the purchase and integration cycle. Making sure qualified and trained personnel safely install our equipment is a core focus. Post install support can be provided by your local distributor, Fluent Conveyors or you can also access 24/7 online support.

  • Does Fluent Conveyors offer pre-sales consultation and engineering?

    Fluent Conveyors does offer a pre-sales consultation and engineering. It is possible to purchase onsite visits and engineering time from Fluent Conveyors.

  • How do I request help with my dealership application?

    We are excited you are interested in becoming a Fluent Conveyor dealer! The first step of the process is to fill out the dealer application and make sure you match all the requirements.

    If we have a dealer in your territory already, we will review your offerings in that territory and make sure the performance of the current dealer still matches our requirements.

    We do NOT promise your application will result in getting a dealership. We are very selective during this process to make sure dealers match our exact brand requirements.

    If you need help during this process, please email our sales team: