Custom Conveyors

Fluent Custom Conveyors Are Made To Order & 100% Designed To The Specific Customer. Applications Include Wood, Recycling, Piping, Wet Lap, Aluminum, Pallets & More!

Lead Time
8 - 14 Weeks (Standard Lead Times)

Custom Conveyor Series Overview

Fluent RC Series of Conveyors are engineered with industry leading 3D CAD software and manufactured with precision (tolerances and standards). This series comes in standard and custom widths and lengths. Standard roller chain conveyor widths include 36″, 48″ 60”, 72″, 84”, 96”, 108” & 120”. Lower Horizontal lengths come in standard sizes of 10 feet, 15 feet 20 feet, 25 feet and 30 feet as well as any custom lower horizontal length to best match project specifications. The incline angles range from 25 degrees to 35 degrees depending on the application, material, baler requirements and building specifications. The standard chain sizes include 3 inch rollers with a 6 or 9 inch pitch, 4 & 5 inch roller with a 9 inch pitch. The frame is made of 3/16″ steel rectangular tubing, 1/4″ steel pan side walls, 1/4” steel rectangular tubing for supports & 25# – 30# rail track for chain support. The RC Series is MIG welded with certified welders and validated with a seamless QA process for overall structural integrity.

The Fluent RC Conveyors are sand blasted prior to paint, connected with grade 8 hardware (resist corrosion and increase strength), assembled and test run for over 10 hours prior to shipping. This series features industry leading components which include: rubber combo belts, apron pan belts, double beaded apron pan, z pan belts, hinged steel belts, motors, flame cut & hardened sprockets, electric oilers, coped angled cleats (2″, 3″, 4″ & 5″), side guards, bottom guards, e-stops, direct shaft mounted drives, cold rolled shafts and more.

This heavy duty series of conveyor is engineered and manufactured for the most extreme applications: wet, dry, high temps, e-waste, OCC, ONP, MSW, single stream, C&D, mining, biofuel, scrap, tire, stover, bagasse and more.

* We offer custom roller chain conveyors to meet the specific requirements for a wide variety of specialized applications (metering conveyors, high impact loading conveyors, reversing conveyors, etc.).

**This series of conveyors is often found feeding shredders, granulators, pulpers, balers, conveyors and sort stations for industry leading manufactures like Vecoplan, SSI, Granu-Tech, Ameri-Shred, Hustler Conveyors, CP Manufacturing, BHS, Harris EquipmentInternational Baler CorporationAmerican Baler, Excel, Marathon, Balemaster, G-Baler, Sierra, IPS and more.

Make The Fluent CC Series Conveyor Your Own

Fluent Conveyors can offer any custom color required to meet your project specifications. Please let a Fluent Conveyors employee know the RAL number for the paint as well as the paint manufacturer (Sherwin-Williams, PPG, Valspar, Diamond Vogel etc.).

Select Your Color

Custom Motor & Shaft Block


Fluent Conveyors specs only premium components to complete our equipment and provide a high-quality solution. Fluent Specs Nord Gear Drive units for their quality reputation and exemplary products. Fluent Conveyors can use any specific manufacturer of motors/gearboxes upon request.


Fluent Shafts are made from cold rolled steel rod and turned to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Every shaft is made custom to fit your specific conveyor.


Fluent Conveyors uses bearings that boast cast iron housing, wide inner races providing for larger load capacity than standard duty, B type seals for smooth function and protection against the elements, and the bearings are sized to greatly exceed L10 life hours for the machine load.


Fluent Conveyors uses abrasive applications with high shock loading. The inherent strength and flame hardened teeth of these sprockets provide maximum service in the most severe environments. The versatility of flame cut sprockets allows for specialized designs for a variety of customer requirements.

It Is No Longer Enough To Just Provide Industrial Conveyors

What Customers Are Saying

"In 2018 our company was in a really weird position. We had purchased 2 large expensive conveyors over the last 5 years from 2 different manufacturers (Yes our application is rugged, heavy and has lots of baling wire). Both systems caused non-stop maintenance issues that were becoming very expensive for our company. We were referred to Fluent Conveyors by a local distributor/dealer in our area and from the start, I knew we found the correct manufacturer. Their pre-sales team visited our facility, took the time to listen to our core issues, and allowed our team to become part of the entire design process. I found their team slowing us down to re-validate key dimensions etc to ensure this new system would not only meet our expectations, but help position our capital layout to actually work for us for more than a couple of years. It has been almost 2 years and I can say the Fluent Conveyors team delivered exactly what we expected. No issues, 100% functioning and were are currently exploring adding a brand new system at one of our other facilities in 2020. Thank you for being professional and experts at your craft. 

-John & Chris, Virginia

Roller Chain Conveyor Replacement Belts

Fluent Conveyors offers 6 inch pitch and 9 inch pitch roller chain belts for our heavy duty roller chain model. Core belt offerings include 220 ply and 330 ply rubber combination belts with c-channel backing, 1/4" thick hinged steel pans with optional c-channel, double beaded apron pans and z pan steel belt conveyors. 

All belts offer a wide variety of coped cleats, carburized & hardened bushings, chain thickness, pan thickness, cleat spacing, hardened sintered steel rollers, 3" & 4" interlocking side wings and much more to meet a wide variety of recycling & waste processing applications. 

**Fluent Conveyors offers 100's of custom belt combitions and options. Please contact our sales team for specific requests

The Blue Collar, American Made Infeed Conveyors

Getting Down & Dirty Pit Roller Chain Conveyor

Your instincts are right... You’re looking at the most robust series of conveyors we offer. Top-of-the-line engineering created with the industry’s highest manufacturing tolerances, our advanced RC Series delivers exactly what the market requires.

The Fluent Roller Chain Series is made to play in the big leagues. Fluent Conveyor’s Pit Infeed Roller Chain Belt Conveyors are found in robust applications and best utilized for new and existing pits. 

This model delivers exactly what the market requires for high volume rigid and abrasive material as well as high-temperature and other extreme applications. All designs are made to order and customizable. This model requires 3/8-inch-thick or 1⁄2 -inch-thick pit plates and material is typically fed onto the conveyor with a skid steer, bobcat, front-end loader etc. Only the best machinery, transforming your systems and business.

Long Distance, High Torque

Transfer Roller Chain Belt Conveyor

The Transfer Roller Chain Conveyor ensures smooth operations. It is made to last with easy maintenance, ensuring your system is never lagging.

Fluent Conveyor’s Above Ground Transfer Roller Chain Belt Conveyors are found in robust applications and best utilized to transfer bulk materials spanning long distances and different elevations. This model delivers exactly what the market requires for high volume rigid and abrasive material as well as high-temperature and other extreme applications.

Our conveyors are extremely durable and built for high-performance that stands the test of time. All designs are made to order and customizable. This model is available in inclined, flat, L and S shapes to fit all types of applications. This model primarily used to transfer material from a “feed” conveyor or piece of equipment to another conveyor or piece of equipment.

Uniquely designed to transform your systems into one sleek, seamless operation.

Discharge Hopper

Fluent Conveyors offers complete and customized heavy duty discharge and transition hoppers for both new and existing pieces of equipment. Our discharge hoppers (provided with the correct CAD (DXF, DWG, STP, IGES) files)) seamlessly meet the bolt holes on all horizontal baler manufacturers including: American Baler, Harris Baler, International Baler, G- Baler, Harmony, Balemaster, Maren, Enterprise, Bollegraf and more!

The Fluent Engineering team is also well versed in working directly with other OEM equipment: shredders, conveyors, trommels, sort systems, hammermills and more. Key manufactures include SSI Shredding, Hustler Conveyors, Vecoplan, Karl Schmidt, Untha and more!

Custom Replacement Belts & Parts

As well as producing bespoke conveyor systems, we also supply custom replacement belts and parts to ensure no client sees their assembly line stay offline for an extended period of time. From replacement motors to sprockets, everything is covered if a client comes across a failing element of their conveyor system.

Sadly, it’s inevitable your clients will face some type of issue with their conveyor system at some point. Even with Fluent Conveyors’ best equipment in place, conveyors are going to suffer from wear and tear due to their demanding nature. However, being able to offer a solution at any time will be appreciated by your clients.

Rubber, neoprene, SBR, PVC, nitrile, butyl base belt with many cleat >
Ideal for steep angle applications while preventing slip back of material.&...
SBR, MOR 2 ply, 3 ply belting with offerings such as gum top, oil resistant...
Rubber and PVC 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply smooth top belts with more then 5...
Pulleys are offered in CEMA duty, mine duty & super duty with multiple bush...
Cold rolled, mild steel that is keyed, turned down and machined to match th...
High efficiency, shaft mounted drives offered in right angle,  helical, par...
Medium duty, cast iron housed pillow block bearings, 4 bolt flange bearings...
Discover How We Can Help Improve Your Conveyor Operations

Are You Ready To Schedule Some Time With The Fluent Conveyors Team? Great!

Our Process Is Typically Very Lean & Detailed! We Prefer Not To Waste Our Customers Time! Engineering Time & Revisions Takes A Considerable Amount of Time For Both Customers & Our Engineering Team.

Please Contact Us If the Roller Chain Conveyor Specifications Match What You Need & You Are Comfortable With:

  1. Price Can Range From $40,000 - $450,000 Per Conveyor
  2. Lead Time of 10 – 12 Weeks
  3. Pre-Payment on Engineering Time if The Project is Complex
  4. 50% Down-Payment, 40% 2 Weeks Prior To Ship, 10% Net 30 Upon Install
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Custom are Fluent custom conveyors?

    The Fluent Conveyors engineering team has designed many conveyors from the ground up as new designs.  Fluent Custom Conveyors range from never seen designs to re-shaping or adding some features (pivoting, shuttling, rotating) to an existing design.  Contact our sales team to see if your requirements match our custom offerings.

  • How does the Fluent custom conveyor sales process look?

    The Fluent sales team will get you a general budget quote.  If we meet your budgetary requirements, then Fluent will take an engineering down payment and begin the design process.  Once we have created a design that fits your needs and specifications Fluent engineers will then run finite element analysis on the design to ensure it is built to withstand the loading, impact and wear it will see.  Once this process is complete Fluent will work with you to plan out ordering and delivery.

  • Do you offer replacement parts on existing custom conveyors?

    Fluent Conveyors offers replacement parts on all types of existing equipment and for all manufacturers.  Depending on the complexity of the part needing to be replaced, Fluent may need to come out and see the conveyor in person.  Please contact our sales staff to get started on your replacement part needs.

  • How to select a gearbox for a conveyor?

    Selecting a gearbox for a conveyor can be a daunting task if you have not done it before.  You will need to know the following: your load on the conveyor, type of conveyor, the length width and elevation change of the conveyor, the speed of the conveyor, and if there are any plows, diverters etc. on the conveyor. The number of pulleys and the weight of the pulleys and rollers as well as shaft sizes and drive types.  If you are replacing a motor that has been working fine Fluent would recommend just matching the exact specifications of that motor. Please feel free to contact the Fluent sales staff and we can help to get your sorted out, if you are designing for a new motor or do not know the specifications of your existing one.