Replacement Smooth Top Slider Bed Conveyor Belts

100's of options for industrial smooth top conveyor belts for almost all industries including food grade, mining, asphalt, construction, recycling & more.

Lead Time
1-2 Weeks (Standard Lead Times Depending on Belt Specs)

Smooth Top Replacement Conveyor Belt Overview

We offer 100's of options for replacement belts that serve a wide array of different industries and applications. Each customer has unique requirements, pulley sizes, conveyor configuration etc. 

Black smooth top belts come in both light duty and heavy duty options. The determining factor for choosing the correct cover and carcass depends on several factors such as pulley size, live loads, materials, compliance, conveyor layout, belt speed, splice needs, environment and more. 

If your application is requiring extreme abrasion resistance, we offer custom urethane belts that offer a wide temperature range and we have the flexibility to produce the required mold for your application. This belt offers  v-guide, molded cleats, chevrons, capped edges, wear strips and more!

To make sure we can really assist you, please get as many images and pictures as you can of the current belt (top and bottom), splices, cleats and use our replacement belt guide to help. 

Over 50 Type of Smooth Top Black Belting

We offer 100's of smooth top conveyor belts for 1000's of applications from mining, recycling and food  to agriculture and automotive. Along with stock options, we offer customized belts with different cover thicknesses and material properties that can match what you are looking for. 

Light duty top covers include rubber, nitrile, leather, silicone, butyl, Teflon, PVC and FS covers for most demanding applications. Light Duty belting with cover impressions/profiles are commonly used to prevent back sliding on incline conveyors.

When you get into the heavier duty belting you will have a wide variety of abrasion resistant, flame retardant, oil resistant and super high heat resistant belting. 

Splicing Options

Fluent offers tons of options to splice your conveyor belt. Each customer and application is different and the requirements to connect the belts vary from customer to customer. 

We offer multiple splice options and the belt carcass drives the type and process that can be used. Light duty belting options include easy-to-install mechanical fasteners such as metal, plastic, spiral lace, longitudinal splices and vulcanized splices (finger etc).

If you are looking at medium to heavy duty belting, we offer all Flexco mechanical splices as well as in-house vulcanized options. You can also have your belt arrive with open ends for your maintenance staff to install the splicing on their own. 

Light Weight Conveyor Belting

We offer over 50 different types of woven carcass base belts that are used in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage processing lines. These belts are a great alternative for light weight belts that may need to follow regulations such as fire retardant. 

Fluent also offers a wide range of skirt-board and chute lining. Each application for lining is custom and per the request of each customer. 

Please note we can offer cover x bare, cover x cover, fiction x friction, cover x friction, white PU x bare and many more options!

Belt Brushes, Wipers & Cleaners

Fluent Conveyors recommended to install a motorized belt brush from Flexco onto our conveyor to help remove debris towards the head area of our conveyor. We were a little hesitant being we have never used this on any of our tire shred applications. After our purchase we realized this has made a big difference in life of belt and labor to clean it.

Prior to this, we were replacing belts on similar conveyors every couple months. We are estimating replacing this belt every 1-2 years along with a couple new brushes. If those numbers work out, we will save over $15,000 per year.

Thank you Fluent Conveyors for taking the time to educate our team!

-Sam H, 2019

Detailed & Customized Mechanical Engineering


Fluent Conveyors Smooth top conveyor belts are designed with cutting edge software to be ahead of the curve. Giving you an edge above the rest. Fluent Conveyors uses premium 3D CAD software and has our belts manufactured to industry leading tolerances and standards to guarantee premium quality conveyor belts. After completion of a design, the engineering team releases to quality assurance, allowing secondary engineers to validate critical dimensions, calculations and manufacturability. After initial and secondary engineering approvals, belts are released to the manufacturing facility by the lead manufacturing engineer. Our experts only approve the highest caliber work to ensure you’re working with nothing but the best.


Fluent Conveyor Belts are built in innovative facilities to equip you with the best product possible. With all the industry leading equipment and processes, Fluent Conveyors production team has over 100 years of combined experience paired with a facility of more than 85,000 square feet. The core facility has a paint booth, 40,000 square feet of dedicated assembly, 6 – welding stations, CNC fabrication equipment, 10 – overhead cranes and more. Parts are cut/machined on CNC Routed machines ensuring you’re working with smart, flawless machinery.


All conveyor belts are delivered to you ready for hard work. Assembled and released to a detailed quality assurance checklist to make sure your machinery can hit the ground running. This includes key validations such as sub-assembly QC, visual inspection and dimension verification.  Making sure your new conveyor belt is set up for long term success.


We ship the smartest way possible, to make your job easy. Fluent Conveyors Product shipments are carefully planned in CAD software to be loaded in an organized, space saving, and safe manner ensuring that all products arrive on-site the same as when they left our facility. Loose items are boxed and marked, assembled parts and components tightened to endure the rigors of freight and shipping. We’re here to make sure every step of the process is seamless.

Smooth Top Slider Bed Conveyor Belt Specifications
Heavy Duty Applications
  • Paper 
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Wood Chips
  • Grain
  • Food
  • Lumber
  • Trash
  • Rock
  • Tires
  • Recycling
  • Food
  • Mining
  • Aggregate
  • Foundries
  • Energy
  • Cement 
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Glass
Splice Options
  • Endless non-mechanical splices
  • Custom splice options
  • Finger splice
  • Longitudinal splice
  • Rivet plate & hinged
  • Bolt Hinged & plate
  • Alligator Hinged & clips
  • Vulcanized
  • Food grade splices
Food Grade Belt Applications
  • Bakery
  • Dairy Products
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Snacks
  • Tortilla
  • Beverage & Brewery
Rubber Options
  • 2 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty
  • 3 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty
  • 4 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty
  • 2 and 3 Ply Moderate Oil Resistance
  • 2 Ply Flame Retardant
  • 2 and 3 Ply Flame Retardant Oil Resistant-Static Conductive
  • 2 Ply - 3 Ply and 4 Ply Cover x Bare
  • Super Oil Resistant - "Hot Asphalt"
  • High Heat Resistant - 400°F - 700°F
  • Skirtboard Rubber / Chute Lining
PVC Options
  • 120 PIW
  • 150 PIW
  • 200 PIW
  • 250 PIW
  • 350 PIW
  • 450 PIW
  • 600 PIW
  • 750 PIW
  • Belts rated at 200 PIW and above are fire retardant. They are non-ignitable when held against a revolving drive pulley. Also, they will not propagate a flame and are self-extinguishing.
Woven Cover Options
  • Smooth
    • White FDA
    • Tan FDA
    • Green FDA
    • Black
  • Roughtop
  • Crescent Top
  • Chevron Top
Additional Replacement Conveyor Belts & Parts

As well as producing bespoke conveyor systems, we also supply custom replacement belts and parts to ensure no client sees their assembly line stay offline for an extended period of time. From replacement motors to sprockets, everything is covered if a client comes across a failing element of their conveyor system.

Sadly, it’s inevitable your clients will face some type of issue with their conveyor system at some point. Even with Fluent Conveyors’ best equipment in place, conveyors are going to suffer from wear and tear due to their demanding nature. However, being able to offer a solution at any time will be appreciated by your clients.

Medium duty, cast iron housed pillow block bearings, 4 bolt flange bearings...
Pulleys are offered in CEMA duty, mine duty & super duty with multiple bush...
Extreme duty belting with a base synthetic carcass great for high impact, a...
Molded nitrile covers great food beef, pork, poultry, dairy, fruits, vegeta...
Steep incline conveyor belt, extremely high flex life and abrasion resistan...
Ideal for steep angle applications while preventing slip back of material.&...
Rubber, neoprene, SBR, PVC, nitrile, butyl base belt with many cleat >
SBR, MOR 2 ply, 3 ply belting with offerings such as gum top, oil resistant...
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long do conveyor belts last?

    This is not something that can be assumed. All belts have an expected life cycle based on thickness, width and environmental conditions. If the rubber or PVC belt was specified correctly you should see 6 months or longer before having to consider replacing.

  • How long should a conveyor belt be?

    Belts can be as long or as short needed to fit the frame of your conveyor. All conveyors have specific lengths, widths and thicknesses required to make sure the belt will function.

  • How to adjust a belt conveyor?

    If your conveyor was manufactured correctly you will have an area on your head, center or tail section of your conveyor called a “take-up”. This area will give you belt tensioning adjustment that allows you to tension the belt and make sure your belt moves in a smooth motion.

  • How long to deliver replacement smooth top slider conveyor belt?

    Typical lead time for a smooth top replacement belt is 5-7 business days. This is taking into consideration the ply, covers, splices etc. industry standards.

    Your Fluent sales representative will give you estimated lead times at the time of order.