Fluent Conveyors Brand Guidelines

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Our brand mark

Sometimes, we prefer to simply use the Fluent Conveyors brand mark on its own instead of the full logo mark. It is important that the appearance of the brand mark remains consistent. as indicated in this document—there are no exceptions.


  • Use these instruction to refer to Fluent Conveyors.
  • Use the brand mark to represent the brand when mentioning Fluent Conveyor in an article or in print


  • Use any other form of blue excepts “Cyan blue”
  • Cyan blue brand mark on top of any color (Use all white instead.)
  • Using the symbol to represent the letter “F” in a word.
  • Altering or co-branding the brand mark.


In order to give the brand mark maximum legibility and exposure, please allow for an area of clearance around the entire brand mark. This gives it prominence and ensures that it will not be obscured or diminished by other surrounding elements.

Minimum size

Never reproduce the brand mark at a size smaller than these recommendations, as it will result in the loss of their impact and readability

Logo layout

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent across multiple platform both digital and print. In ensuring that we use only 3 layout >

Primary Color Palette

We have a limited colour palette to promote consistency within our brand

We generally use black as a background colour on items like presentation covers and cream on larger content.

Our blue color is used as a highlight, but occasionally used as a background colour, however the dark tones are preferred.

Gunmetal #2C3539

Cyan blue #3462AE

Silk #282F47

Yellow #FFC500


We use Eurostile as our primary typeface. Suitable for use in both screen and print, the font’s relative geometric simplicity offers a surprising level of legibility and sharpness, even at small sizes.

Eurostile regular

Works best when displayed fairly large. Use Eurostile regular for titles, short introductory paragraph or pullout quotes

Eurostile medium

The best choice for smaller copy. The go-to font for body-copy

Eurostile bold

Use Eurostile bold to pull out key words in your body copy. Never use Calibre bold in a large format.

Image in use

At Fluent Conveyors we prefer to use bright, bold photography that conveys quality, durability, and authenticity. most of our imagery are rendered in quality standard and we are constantly adding to our collection of photography to give anyone operating within the brand a good range of images to choose from. There are four categories of images: Conveyors, Replacement Parts and Replacement Belts


  • Use images as provided by Fluent Conveyors brand
  • Images must be bright, bold and conveys quality
  • All PNG should be on top a dark background
  • Using high resolution images of at least 200dp


  • Stretch, warp, or disproportionately scale image
  • Cut through or crop out main areas of images
  • Using different color background for PNG images
  • Using low resolution images of at lower than 200dpi

Image, Copy and Overlay

Photography is used in web page headers, as the background in large CTAs, and in presentation templates. In these cases, photography is typically paired with a header, subheader, and a button. Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure proper contrast, legibility, and color balance.


  • Choose an image with room for copy.
  • Use all white logos, copy, and icons on image with color overlays
  • If main areas is particially cropped out of an image, make sure not to cut off the top of the head


  • Stretch, warp, or disproportionately scale image.
  • Cut through people’s faces with copy
  • Use a color image behind color overlay
  • Use color on color
  • Awkwardly crop image

Pattern & Texture

Our pattern is formed using a combination of various technical lines and mechanical like measurement with reduced transparency

Our texture is formed from the use of grid overlays on our primary dark grey color

Texture use

Our Texture is always applied as a plain background on larger area and in some case can also be used with the pattern, where it’s placed on top while maintaining the same transparency.

Pattern use

Our Pattern can be applied on images, and dark backgrounds, to use the pattern on image it must have a dark overlay below it to ensure visibility due to it transparency.

Icons & illustrations

Icons are used to assist copy in representing instructional and actionable meaning. It’s important that any icon we create represents the subject as closely as possible.


  • Replace copy alltogether with an icon
  • Assume icons are universally understood
  • Decorate or fill white space with an icon
  • Combine many icons together to create an illustration
  • Use color icons on color backgrounds


  • Replace copy alltogether with an icon
  • Assume icons are universally understood
  • Decorate or fill white space with an icon
  • Combine many icons together to create an illustration
  • Use color icons on color backgrounds