Replacement Conveyor Bearings

Providing Load Support & Reducing Friction For Extreme Applications

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Replacement Conveyor Bearing Overview

Fluent Conveyors offers all types of bearings, specifically; 4 bolt flange, pillow block, spherical, and take-up bearings.  Fluent specifies high quality, light, medium, and heavy duty bearings with easy access grease zirks.  Fluent Conveyors can offer replacement bearings for high temp, corrosive material, and food grade specifications.

Replacement conveyor bearings are typically very inexpensive and we find it to be more beneficial to our customers to give them guidance on where to find these replacement components in their local areas.  

**Please note, there may be things not listed that we do offer. Please contact us.

Take Up Bearings

Fluent Conveyors offers cast iron housed take up bearings in both narrow and wide slot format and for light to heavy duty use.  These can be furnished as standard cast housing or entirely stainless steel or composite.  The take-up bearing inserts are available with high temp seals and all stainless inserts or ceramic for wet environments. 

This bearing type is important to adjust and maintain the correct belt tension. The adjustment process is very simple and with the correct adjustment the life cycle of the belt will extend greatly. The take up area along with the correctly spec'd bearing type will help remove long-term maintenance issues with the conveyor frame, replacement belt and bearing related issues. 

Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow block bearings are vital in friction reduction when operating a conveyor. The term pillow block refers to any type of bearing where the conveyor shaft is mounted paralegal to the actual mounting service. 

Our engineering team takes the time and runs calculations to make sure we have a nice factor of safety on the load ratings of your application. 

It is also very important to make sure you have the correct seal to avoid contamination to the sensitive bearing mechanics. 

We offer standard, corrosion resistant, or high heat with roller, or ball bearings. 

2, 3 & 4 Bolt Flange Bearings

Flange mounted bearings are typically used when the axis of the shaft of the return roller or main shaft is perpendicular to the mounting service. The hole options allows the design engineers to make the correct selection based on the amount of room required in that area on the conveyor as well as required load ratings. If the correct bearing is not selected you may experience shaft deflection which will lead to vibration and other potential mechanical issues. 

Flange mounted bearings are very easy to replace and Fluent Conveyors suggests finding a local supplier to avoid paying hefty OEM related cost. 

2 Bolt Flange Bearings

Two bolt flange bearing housings are offered in standard or corrosion resistant materials/piaint with light to heavy duty bearing inserts to meet your strength requirements.  These bearings can be had with standard seals or high heat and with roller, or ball bearings as well as chrome plated or stainless steel. Two bolt flange bearings are available with standard set screw bore or eccentric locking collars.

3 Bolt Flange Bearings 

Fluent Conveyors has both standard duty and corrosion resistant options for 3 bolt flange bracket bearings.  These are available with standard cast or all stainless steel bearing housings and standard or stainless steel bearing inserts.

4 bolt flange Bearings

Housings are offered in standard or corrosion resistant materials/paint with light to heavy duty bearing inserts to meet your strength requirements.  These bearings can be had with standard seals or high heat and with roller, or ball bearings as well as chrome plated or stainless steel. Four bolt flange bearings are available with standard set screw bore or eccentric locking collars.

Engineering Specs

Fluent Conveyors bearings are engineered with industry leading 3D CAD.  The manufacturing team has years of combined experience on conveyor bearings and understand the most complex applications to ensure the correct bearing type and size is always used. All replacement bearings offer stainless steel ball bearings, casting iron housing, set screw bearings, optional medium/heavy duty collar inserts (upon request), easy access grease zirks and more.

Manufacturing Specs

Fluent Conveyors bearings have been tested, validated and approved to meet the quality tolerances our engineering team requires. The production team, paired with a new technology, validated core processes and a great quality assurance process is vital to quality bearings.  Our engineering team ensures all bearing specs meet approval drawings and existing conveyor bearing requirements.

Standard Conveyor Bearing Specifications & Offerings
Bearing Options
  • Pillow Block Bearings
  • 2 Bolt Flange Bearings
  • 3 Bolt Flange Bearings
  • 4 Bolt Flange Bearings
  • Tapped Base Pillow Block
  • Hanger Unit
  • 4 Bolt Piloted Flange
  • Custom Bearings Upon Request
Duty Options
  • Standard Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Heavy Duty
Insert Types
  • Ball Bearings
  • Roller Bearings
Insert Materials
  • Standard Steel Inserts
  • Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Ceramic Bearings
Seal Options
  • B Seals
  • L3 Seals
  • High Heat Seals
Bore Options
  • Standard Set Screw Bore
  • Eccentric Locking Collar Bore
Additional Replacement Conveyor Belts & Parts

As well as producing bespoke conveyor systems, we also supply custom replacement belts and parts to ensure no client sees their assembly line stay offline for an extended period of time. From replacement motors to sprockets, everything is covered if a client comes across a failing element of their conveyor system.

Sadly, it’s inevitable your clients will face some type of issue with their conveyor system at some point. Even with Fluent Conveyors’ best equipment in place, conveyors are going to suffer from wear and tear due to their demanding nature. However, being able to offer a solution at any time will be appreciated by your clients.

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Rubber and PVC 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply smooth top belts with more then 5...
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do bearings on conveyor belts do?

    The bearings on conveyors serve two main purposes.  Their first job is to attach rotating shafts/pulleys/elements to the conveyor.  Their next purpose is to do so in a way that allows them to spin freely and reduce friction/resistance.

  • How do you change a bearing on a conveyor belt?

    This depends on the type and location of your bearing.  Fluent provides drawings and videos depicting how to do this for the bearings on our standard equipment.  Please contact our main line if you can not find the information you need. We will be happy to help you.

  • How do you know when roller bearings are getting bad?

    There are several ways to tell if a bearing is going bad.

    Do you hear squeaking and or grinding coming from the bearing?  If it has been greased properly and it is still making these sounds it is recommended that you replace the bearing. 

    Is there a jerk or vibration to the way the shaft is rotating within the bearing? If so Fluent recommends you replace the bearing.

    Is there excessive play in the bearing?  Is it failing to hold the shaft still other than the rotation?  If so, replace your bearing immediately.

    If you have any visual damage to the bearing, missing seals, or significant rust it is recommended that you replace the bearing immediately.

  • How do you fix bearings on conveyor belts?

    The main way to keep a bearing healthy is proper maintenance.  Keep your bearing well lubricated following the bearing lubrication schedule.  If your bearing is damaged or failing to run smoothly and quietly then the best solution is to replace it.  Bearings are a relatively inexpensive item on a conveyor. It is worth keeping them in good shape to avoid causing a larger issue.  Fluent recommends finding your part number on the bearing and running a google search for a replacement. Motion Industries, Grainger, and Mcmaster Carr are good outlets for replacement bearings.  If you have a Fluent machine, please contact us and we will get you the correct part numbers.

  • How long will it take to deliver a replacement bearing?

    At Fluent we recommend you order these from online retailers such as Motion Industries, Grainger, and Mcmaster Carr.  We believe you will get the fastest delivery and best price by going that route. If the bearing is for a Fluent machine we can get you the correct part number and help you in any way you need.