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Project Overview:

Fluent Conveyors was hired by a local dealer to assist in the engineering and retro-fit of an existing Excel hinged steel belt conveyor. After purchasing the equipment based on the OEM drawings, the customer found that the conveyor was over 15 inches too high for the clearance of their ceiling. The prints that were provided from the original manufacturer were off and Fluent Conveyors was contacted by a local dealer to help assist in the project.

The first task for the Fluent engineering team was to reverse engineer the actual conveyor to ensure the real world measurements were met. Once the new drawings were approved to fit the existing building, the engineering team decided that Fluent needed to remove over 6 feet of incline section from the conveyor. In order to complete this, Fluent brought in a trusted team of certified fabricators. The first thing the fabricators did was remove the incline guarding, disconnected a section of the belt and pulled slack to the tail of the conveyor. After proper rigging and securing the conveyor with a crane, they removed the tail section of the conveyor. Once the conveyor was secure, the 6+ feet of conveyor was removed and lower horizontal and incline section were connected back together. Front leg supports were adjusted during this process to ensure the conveyor was level. The conveyor was installed and the job was complete.

Project Requirements:

The project required to remove a section of the conveyor, remove over 12 feet of belting, adjust the support legs and re-connect the remaining sections back together.  All on-site welders needed to be certified and have prior experience with this type of retro-fit work. The end results was to ensure the conveyor would fit within the clearance requirements of the existing building.

Equipment & Certs Used To Complete The Job:

  • 2 fully stocked trucks loaded with 500 amp welders (capable of arc gauging), 12,000 lb cranes, tools, air compressors, oxygen acetylene torches, 1 inch drive impact guns, torque multipliers capable of 4,000 ft lbs and rigging equipment etc.
  • 30,000 pound forklift
  • Fabrication team are all certified welders with MSHA training and OSHA training. All employees were crane and rigging trained with capabilities to assist with hydraulics and electrical systems.


The project was on a very strict deadline. The customer had already removed their existing baler and each day the conveyor and baler was not installed was costing the customer time and money. The reverse engineering was started on a Thursday and the retro-fit work was finished the following Wednesday.

Materials Being Conveyed:

The process for this customer is taking full pieces of cardboard and running them through a shredder. The existing shredder feeds a waterfall conveyor that now feeds the lower horizontal section of the used Excel conveyor.


2-3 Tons per hour of OCC & Plastic

Products Purchased:

    • Used Excel 48 Inch Wide Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor
    • Used Excel 2R9 Two Ram Baler


The project was 100% completed within the requested timeline . Both the conveyor and two ram baler were both properly working and processing material the following day. The testing for commissioning and start-up were approved by the end customer.

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