Aero-Mechanical Conveyors Uses

If you happen to be on the hunt for a new solution to your materials handling responsibilities, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the fantastic aero-mechanical conveyor system.

Simply put, the conveyor utilizes a tubular design that creates an airflow that you can feed material into, allowing you to transport products with virtually no threat of contamination or degradation whatsoever.

In many cases, it’s an incredibly cost-efficient way of moving your materials from point A to B at very high throughputs.

If you’re wondering what kind of application it can be used for and how it might directly enrich your own conveying setup, you should check out some of the main uses of an AMC.

Powder Movement

The dust free efficiency with which the AMC can move vast amounts of powder and granulated products makes it a favorable choice for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

Your products won’t blend inside the airflow, meaning that they are kept safe from cross-contamination, yet you can still transport massive amounts of product at any given time.

No matter what type of material you aim to transport in its powder form, there is likely an AMC solution to help you out. It’s also worth noting that since the overall design concept is so simple, it tends to take up very little space, so it could be the ideal solution for anyone who needs to develop a conveyance system with limited room to maneuver.

It’s a system that can move a wide range of materials, and they are usually stainless steel fabricated, but you may need to choose a specialized setup in some cases, like if you’re working with corrosive materials, for example.

If you need some friendly advice to help you decide what kind of system would work best for you, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Fluent Conveyors.

Low-Energy Transportation

If you hope to save money on your overheads, opting for low-energy solutions is likely the best way to go, and thanks to aero-mechanical conveyance systems, you don’t have to sacrifice process quality either.

Low energy consumption and high work rates are a match made in heaven for companies wanting to save money and optimize their processes.

While the initial cost of an AMC may seem expensive, they could be a critical part of the puzzle, so it’s worth thinking about it like a long-term investment.

Hygienic Material Handling

The airflow system can enable you to move sensitive goods around your facility in a hygienic manner, making it the perfect solution for manufacturers working with food-related products.

Manufacturing is extremely regulated, especially in areas like food and pharmaceuticals, so the highest level of quality is always the minimum you should be striving for.

That means health, safety and hygiene always comes first, and the AMC style of setup caters to this far more easily than other methods of conveyance.

In many instances, you’ll likely benefit from using a combination of systems, such as the traditional conveyor belt setup, but this can easily be integrated with your AMC since it allows you to transport products at most angles.