Are Conveyors Complex to Design?

Conveyor belts are so popular in the world of manufacturing, processing and transportation that you’ll see them repurposed in all kinds of configurations across your life. Indeed, with so many use cases, conveyor belts have been redesigned hundreds of times to accommodate new functionalities and roles within factories and facilities. But how easy are conveyors to design? Is it possible for your firm to design a conveyer that suits your precise needs? In this piece, we’ll show you why conveyor design is an exciting, rather than a daunting process – and one through which you’ll have the help of industry experts every step of the way.


It’s important to note that there are already several off-the-shelf options for your conveyor belt needs – many of which we display on our website. For businesses with a generic need for a conveyor belt, there may be little need to design your own belt – you can simply pick one from our selection that suits your facility. But, equally, an off-the-shelf option can be the perfect place to start imagining your won conveyor. Browsing our store, and seeing the wealth of functions and features that conveyors can take, will enable you to imagine your very own design.

The Process

You shouldn’t fear the conveyor design process: you’ll not have to go it alone. In fact, throughout the whole process, you’ll have our expert advisors on your side to help you understand what kind of machine you’re looking to build, and the elements that it ought to include. Our team are especially helpful in showing you the different options that you have available when you’re designing your belt. This will help rule out your most outlandish ideas while helping you focus on what can be done – and how you can tailor our parts to your purposes.

The Machines

As you see from pictures and diagrams, conveyor belts might be serious and industrial-scale pieces of equipment, but they’re actually relatively simple to design. They don’t include the high-performance robotics of other industrial machines, and they’re generally far more adaptable to the conditions of different sites and factories. This is a huge benefit when you come to design your own conveyor belt with our help – you won’t need to worry about compromising the mechanism or building an unreliable machine, as they’re extremely flexible to build and operate.

The Build

When you’ve finished your design, we’ll offer final feedback and edits, and then the process of building your machine will commence. Often, this isn’t a drawn-out process, as designed machines still contain many of the most basic and fundamental elements of a conveyor belt. As such, building a bespoke conveyor is rather like playing with Lego: you have all the pieces at hand, and you just need to follow the instructions to create your perfect build. We’ll offer you an estimated delivery time on your designed conveyor, which will allow you to sit back and relax as we create your tailor-made, ready-to-go conveyor belt.

Designing and building your bespoke conveyor belt is simple and exciting – as this article goes to show.