Four Reasons You Should Design Your Own Conveyor Belt

As a cursory browse of our online conveyor store will show you that there are dozens of different types of belts and hundreds of different configurations which you can use in your facility. From the width and height to the power, load and capacity, there’s plenty that you’re able to tailor on your conveyor to suit your firm’s needs. In this article, we’re going to offer four of the most important reasons why you should consider designing your own conveyor – helping you to make the most of this time-saving and money-saving machine.

Fit Your Facility

All industrial complexes are different. Some are arranged in long flat warehouses, while others look more like a complex, multi-story labyrinth of machinery and walkways. Some facilities have plenty of space to work with, but others are tight for space, with all of their machines squeezed into tight corners. If you’re starting to run out of space in your facility, designing your own conveyor belt is an important way that you can optimize your production line around the space available. You can make the belt the length, width and height that suits your particular site.

Different Jobs

Conveyor belts worldwide perform a wide variety of jobs. At their most basic, conveyors transport objects from one end of a belt to another – adding up to many thousands of objects moving per hour. But conveyors can also help you to perform far more complex jobs, like sorting materials into different sections of the belt, or aligning parts ready for another machine to operate. As such, being able to tailor-make your conveyor belt, alongside our knowledgeable experts, can help enormously in your facility’s design. Squeeze the most out of your investment by designing your machine from scratch with us.


When you buy an off-the-shelf conveyor, you’ll be given a tour of the machine and a manual, and you’ll be assisted in installing the machine. But, as this process is often very swift and frictionless, you can often be left with a level of ignorance as to how your machine works, and where your machine might break. Conversely, if you co-design your machine with us, you’ll be given a far broader idea of how your conveyor belt works. In this process, you and your engineers will learn just how you can make the most out of your conveyor in the months and years ahead.

Solving Problems

The wonderful thing about designing your own conveyor belt is that you might find yourself solving problems you never knew existed in your plant. Such problem-solving can help to shave off inefficiencies in your processes, reducing the cost and time it takes to produce your final product. And that’s not the only benefit. With the help of our specialists, who’ve installed hundreds of machines, you’ll have advice as to how to best design your conveyor to suit your needs. This expert advice, plus your own ingenuity, can create the optimal machine for your firm.

Consider designing your own conveyor belt to boost your firm’s performance and save you cash over the long term.