How Does a Baler Help You Become a Green Business?

Balers come in all shapes and sizes, tucked away in the backrooms of hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world. While the primary reason that companies invest in balers is the high level of efficiency they can bring to your waste management and organization, they’re also brilliant for the environment. Increasingly, this is seen as an argument for the larger waste producers to invest in a baler – to help to boost their green credentials. Below, you’ll learn why balers are so kind to the environment.


Put simply; balers deal with recycling. They take in one of the following materials, and process them into small cubes for collection:

· Cardboard and paper

· Metal and tins

· All kinds of recyclable plastics

With these three key recyclable components able to be crushed into incredibly compact cubes, this is the way in which businesses across the world as choosing to gather and dispose of their recyclable waste in the modern era. But what makes this method so green?


One reason why baler recycling is so green is because it’s designed to help your staff recycle with ease during their working day. We’ve all been members of staff at institutions which make it difficult for you to recycle your waste: the sad truth is that you’ll turn to a regular bin where there’s no other option.

Meanwhile, with balers set up to receive different types of recyclable materials, you’ll always give your staff the incentive – the duty, even – to use the recycling facilities available. This has a knock-on effect at the other end of the process, too. In the recycling plant to which baler cubes are transported, it’s far easier for them to unpack baler cubes than it is dumpsters full of mixed recycling that they have to scan and convert into different and separate materials.


Although you’ll need a little energy to help with the crushing mechanism, the baler is a remarkably energy-efficient machine, which sits on standby for most of every working day, awaiting instruction to crush cardboard, paper, plastics or metal in its jaws.

The fact that a cardboard baler is so energy-efficient, of course, makes it green. If you’re able to state with some certainty that the energy that powers your baler is green, then you’ll also be able to claim complete carbon neutrality in your business processes.

Industry-Wide Change

One of the main reasons why environmentalists get so excited about the hardware that companies can use to be greener is that this change, on a large industrial scale, and mapped out across the industry, is sure to have a huge impact on the overall environment.

Indeed, both carbon and waste are consumed and produced in far higher quantities within business than within households. As such, it’s time for businesses like yours to stand up and play their part by purchasing the hardware to help bring about industry-wide change in the waste processing sector.

Going green through a baler is an incredibly simple way to score a positive PR hit with your next release from your production business – so consider investing in one today.