How to Ensure You Select the Right Conveyor Belt Size

As with all updates that you make to your facility or factory, the size of the equipment and machinery that you choose to buy is an important consideration. Buy a machine that’s too small, and you’ll find yourself frustrated at its lack of capacity; buy one too large, and it can be overbearing across your site. To find that Goldilocks perfection in the size of the conveyor that you purchase, here’s a short guide on what to consider when installing a new belt within your facility.

Your Current Space

Your first step should always be to take a thorough survey of your current space, taking into account all of the dimensions of all of the equipment and machinery that you currently run within your site. The more data you’re able to collect at this stage, the better. What you should emerge with are dimensions regarding the kind of space that the conveyor belt you’re shopping for can fit into. This is the information that’s most important when you begin talks with our expert team.

Three Dimensions

Remember that the length of your conveyor belt is not the only dimension that you’re looking to consider pre-installation. You should also consider the height that the machine will be fitted at, and the width of the belt itself. Here’s how to think about these three critical dimensions in your conveyor belt:

· The length of your belt will be important when it comes to the distance you’re looking to transport materials in your facility. It will also have a bearing on the load capacity of the belt.

· The width of your belt will determine how much, or how many, objects you’ll be able to transport on your belt at any given time. The wider the belt, the higher the capacity.

· The height of your belt is essential for maintenance and for human oversight of the objects on the belt. This dimension is also about the space that you might save in your facility.

Given that you’re onboarding a large new piece of equipment when you’re purchasing a conveyor, you must think in all three dimensions to achieve the right size.

In-Depth Discussions

When you’re considering bringing a conveyor belt into your production process, you must have high-level and in-depth discussions with your senior management and engineering team, who will be able to fill the gaps in your knowledge and understanding about the space your conveyor will take up.

Furthermore, if you’re still confused or unsure about the machine that you’re hoping to purchase, it can help to speak to the experts. By getting in touch with our team, and outlining your concerns and issues, we’ll be able to help by offering knowledge gained from years in the conveyor business. We can clear up any lingering worries, and help address the sizing issue for your new conveyor.

Picking the right conveyor, at the right size, might seem like a difficult task for firms looking to automate their internal processes. But as this short guide outlines, finding the right size of conveyor is as simple as taking some measurements and talking with the experts.