Upping Your Recycling Game: Three Top Tips

business or a smaller, more provincial one, the difference that you’re able to make in your facility can have large knock-on effects for the environment around you. Moreover, by sharing with your clients and consumers your green objectives, you’ll show your firm to be taking its social and environmental responsibilities seriously. Here’s how you’ll up your recycling game in three easy steps.

Demand Recyclable Materials

First up, you’re going to want to look at your overall waste volume, and its composition. Much of your waste will be as a result of the materials that you purchase and have delivered to your facility. If these materials are sent by a client, this is the time to speak to them about using recyclable materials – or less material altogether – in their own business processes.

You can use this green argument – to reduce landfill waste – as leverage over your client in ongoing contractual negotiations, in order to have a positive net impact on the businesses around you, as well as your own firm. And, remember, the less waste that your firm produces at your site, the less you’ll be charged for disposal fees in your local area.

Use Conveyors and Balers

When you’re producing a large volume of waste every day, you need to be aware of what and where you can recycle materials in your facility. Your staff, too, need to know where they store certain recyclable materials, so that they can be compressed, bound and sent on to recycling locations within your state.

The most efficient way to achieve a streamlined waste disposal process is to install balers in your facility. By using conveyor-fixed balers, you’ll be able to simply assign different materials – like cardboard and plastic – to a conveyor, where it’ll be fed into a baler. This baler then crushes your recyclable waste into larger cubes, which are taken to local facilities to be processed. Installing these balers and conveyors will save you time at the same time as saving the environment.

Training Staff

You cannot up your recycling game without upping the recycling game of your employees. If your staff aren’t trained in how to recycle, and why it’s so important for your firm and for the world around them, they’ll likely take a slap-dash attitude towards your recycling quotas. On the other hand, if you educate and motivate them to recycle, you’ll be able to achieve optimal recycling practices in your business.

It’s relatively straightforward to deliver recycling training to your staff: you can either hire external tutors, or perform this training in-house. The most essential advice you need to give your staff is to be diligent with the materials that they throw away. If they’re focused on upping your recycling game, you’ll find that your firm performs better at green waste disposal over time.

Use these three top tips to up your recycling game in the modern, eco-conscious world.