HAMMEL Shredder VB 950 DK No. 153

The Hammer VB 950 has 2 conveyor belts both of which we offer replacement conveyor belts for. Its important to understand if you prefer a fully vulcanized belt or we can pre-install mechanical splices.

Belt #1 - Horizontal Conveyor Belt (Page 19)

This first belt is a smooth top conveyor belt that takes the initial impact from the shredder. It's primary function is to transfer the shredded material to the secondary conveyor belt.

We do offer this belt in cross-rigid wire if the impact onto the belt is a concern.

Impact Belt Specifications

Smooth belt XE 500/3+2

1400 x 6450 mm

Belt #2 - Incline Gallery Conveyor Belt

This is belt is a heavy duty integrally molded conveyor belt. The replacement belt can we either that or a heavy duty chevron belt. This is the discharge conveyor that puts the shredded materials away from the shredder.

Discharge Belt Specifications

EP 400/3 layer 4:2 mm

1400 x 15285 mm

If you want a quote for one of these belts please contact us.