The Most Popular Types of Conveyor Used in Food Manufacturing

The phenomenally diverse and intricate food industry is home to some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques anywhere on earth.

Like most areas of manufacturing that endeavor to develop products for public consumption, it’s a heavily regulated industry.

It’s also yet another discipline that regularly utilizes conveyor systems to get results. Transporting food material around a busy factory floor is no small feat, and sometimes, only a specialized conveyor belt system will make the grade.

If you need to get hold of your own conveyor belt system for manufacturing food products, or you simply want to know more, take a look at some of the most popular types of conveyors used by the industry.

Screw Conveyors

When food manufacturing companies are working closely with semi-solid materials, be it powder, granules, or even cereal, they need to make sure they avoid contamination at all costs.

A screw conveyor can be a good solution for moving bulk materials around the factory floor while achieving optimum efficiency with minimum residue.

There are many types of screw conveyors built specifically for the food manufacturing industry to ensure that companies are able to comply with the strict regulations.

Roller Conveyors

You will likely find roller conveyors everywhere throughout the food manufacturing industry. They are a classic, simple, and highly effective transportation method.

They offer a certain degree of versatility, too, as they can quite easily double as a production line belt, a very common sight in food manufacturing.

From raw materials to packaged goods and boxes, a roller conveyor serves as a reliable workhorse that many businesses simply can’t do without.

The best conveyor companies endeavor to find custom solutions for food manufacturers everywhere, so if you feel like you need to get your hands on a new conveyor, but you don’t know if you can make it work for your particular setup, don’t be afraid to just ask an expert.

Tubular Conveyors

Tubular conveyors are a favorite of the food manufacturing industry because they are able to create a totally enclosed dust-free passageway through which to transport materials.

Plus, if you did need to move blended materials, the tubular conveyor can do that without separating them in the process.

Package Handling Conveyors

Many food manufacturing companies are able to create their entire product, package included in the same space.

For this to work sufficiently, they need to make the most of package handling conveyors, a system built to carry a huge number of packages, often aided by CAD software technology.

Food Grade Conveyor Belt Systems

It’s often just as much about the belt as it is the rest of the conveyor itself. Food-grade conveyor belt systems are a must in food manufacturing, as they offer users a safe surface that’s easy to clean and compliant with FDA regulations.

Maintenance and cleaning are essential parts of food manufacturing, so making sure that your conveyor belt system caters to this is critical to overall mission success.

The best material handling systems are those that meet the exact needs of the client in question, and that often means a customizable option is a necessity.