Waste Expo 2016

It’s rare for people of this industry to come together and talk about products, share ideas, and display new technology. There are very few opportunities to do so because owners of recycling facilities are almost always busy with their businesses. Unfortunately, there’s very limited amount of information about this industry online and anywhere else. Waste Expo 2016 can change all of this.

Newcomers often struggle in their research about the latest technology, software, and operation techniques. Fortunately, there are special events like Waste Expo 2016 that can help.

What is Waste Expo 2016?

This expo is an annual event organized by Waste 360. It’s usually held in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, it will be held in June and will last for 4 days from the 6th to 9th. This event is considered to be the best recycling conference of the industry and thousands of business owners and industry insiders’ head for Las Vegas every time it’s held. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned business owner, you can find something here for you.

Why Should You Attend?

If you’re a part of the waste recycling and management industry, you shouldn’t miss Waste Expo and here are some reasons why:


Recycling equipment is expensive. Balers, conveyors, forklifts, and other such machines cost a pretty penny and have high operating costs as well. It’s important to make the right decision when you purchase them. As we mentioned before, information about this equipment is hard to come by. While the manufacturers do publish several articles about their products, most business owners want reviews and opinions from industry experts.

At Waste Expo, you can see how these machines perform and get advice from industry experts on them. You can also speak with sales representatives about the products and ask them any questions that you might have. This will give you a very hands-on experience with the products and help you make the right purchase decision.

New Technologies 

This is an ideal platform for manufacturers to showcase their new innovations and technologies. As a recycling business owner, you can familiarize yourself with these new technologies and find equipment that will improve your facility’s efficiency and your revenue. At Waste Expo, you can find such equipment and products and see them in action before you make a purchase decision. Even if you don’t intend to purchase new equipment, it’s important to keep track of industry developments. After all, some technologies have an industry-wide impact and can affect your business.

waste expo 2016 fluent conveyors


Get in Touch with Industry Peers

Waste Expo is a very important conference for this industry. Naturally, almost everyone who’s a part of this industry is present here. The event is an excellent place to network, connect with your suppliers, and meet with other professionals, designers, and leaders. You can exchange ideas and opinions, learn new things, and scope out the competition.

Almost everyone walks away from this event with new information about equipment, market trends, business ideas, and new business associates. This is an excellent platform to use to extend your reach and add to your revenue.

Learn from The Experts

The Waste Expo organizers are very focused on sharing information and educating the people in this industry. They hold several conferences where experts of the industry share information, knowledge, and lessons gained from their experience. These experts often offer invaluable advice and insights into the industry. This information can help you improve your business and troubleshoot any problems that might stand in your way.

As you can see, this gathering of waste industry experts can help you and give you information about the latest developments of your industry. You can connect with the exhibitors; explore products from International BalerAmerican Baler, Balemaster, Harris Equipment, and other such companies as well.